Karaoke speech is a method that uses singing to help people reduce their accents as well as, to teach them to speak proper English. Karaoke speech is to teach those who already speak English to apply the techniques so they can be understood, as well as, to prevent damage to the vocal chords.

Learn to Speak Well,Speak Clearly,& Speak Out

Proven-Effective Techniques

To Help You Be Understood & Successful

     Accent Reduction Begins Here

Watch the Transformation Occur within Twenty Minutes

The Full Version of  Karaoke Speech 

People Who Already Speak English

        But Can't Be Understood

Here is an Example of Jan Working With Toastmasters Who Speak English but are Unaware of How to Use Both Their Bodies & Voices to Express Themselves.

  Who Does It Benefit

1.People with Heavy Accents

2.People Who Speak Too Fast

3.People Who Speak Too Loud

4.People Who Speak Too Soft

5.People Who Run One Sentence into Another Without a Break

6.People Who Show No Emotions in Their Speech ( Monotone Voices )

People Who Speak All Day in Their Throats. Causes Tiredness,Soreness,Dryness,Stress,& Eventually Polyps and Nodules

8. People who have Abnoxious Voices                                            ( Example Whinny,Raspy,& Scrachy Voices )

The Similarities Between
  Speech and Singing

Stop Texting & Learn to Speak to Each Other

Like in the picture above we will be loosing the ability to communicate with our voices. Eventually, like certain animals,speech will be extinct. Emotions will be be expressed by text.

Karaoke Speech can be taught one on one,large groups, as well as, on skype or face time

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